Learn to love your lists

Forgetful, chaotic, or just plain preoccupied? Everyone can use a helpful list when it comes to moving home. We’ve developed this list, and though you’ll probably want to add something, it’s a good place to start.

A few helpful hints:

Have you notified the following of your change in address?

  1. Post Office (for mail redirection)
  2. Financial institutions (to transfer and close accounts)
  3. Electoral registrar
  4. Taxation department
  5. Leasing company
  6. Insurance company (to transfer or terminate household insurance)
  7. Life insurance company
  8. Car insurance company
  9. Health insurance company
  10. School principal (to receive a letter regarding the status of your children in school)
  11. Shops and stores where you have charge accounts
  12. Relatives, friends and regular correspondents
  13. Club memberships
  14. Publications you subscribe to
  15. Doctor(s) and dentist (to obtain copies of your records)
  16. Your lawyer
  17. Your place of worship.

Have you discontinued these services?

  1. Gas
  2. Water
  3. Electricity
  4. Telephone
  5. Cable Television
  6. Newspaper/Publication Delivery
  7. Internet Subscription

Remember to:

  1. Defrosted your refrigerator/freezer and drained all water hoses
  2. Disconnected your washing machine and drained water
  3. Checked with manufacturer to ensure all major appliances are correctly prepared for moving
  4. Emptied all gas cylinders (first verify if they may be shipped to your destination)
  5. Arranged for electricity and gas companies to disconnect any fittings from the supply
  6. Dispose of items you do not wish to take with you
  7. Return books, videos, etc…
  8. Removed your own fixtures and fittings from walls
  9. Put important items such as passports and tickets in your personal luggage so they are not accidentally packed
  10. Arranged for someone to look after your children on the packing days (this can be a stressful time for them)
  11. Washed thoroughly any items that may be of interest to quarantine (i.e, mowers, garden tools, golf equipment, bicycles, etc.).

Dangerous goods:
The following are classified as dangerous goods and cannot be stored or transported:

  1. Ammunition
  2. New or partially used cans of paint
  3. Linseed oil
  4. Bleach products
  5. Gas cylinders, turpentine (unless emptied)
  6. Kerosene
  7. Petrol
  8. Cleaning fluids
  9. Aerosols (any kinds)
  10. Vegetable oils